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Since Prop 36 took effect in July 2001, the law has helped over 150,000 Californians enter drug treatment and improve their lives and the lives of their families. There is one group we—and our legislators—don’t hear from enough: Prop 36 graduates.

Oliver H. is one of them. After drinking and drugging for over three decades, he graduated from Prop 36 treatment and probation in San Diego in 2005. Read his story here. Prop 36 drug treatment, not jail, helped turn around his life and the lives of many of his friends. Here, read what he thinks about Prop 36 and how grads can give back.

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Grads Reaching Out to Young Artists

One of the San Diego Prop. 36 Alumni Association’s goals is to go out into the community to help everyone understand the struggles that we've had in life!

I am excited that we have a new way to reach out and to tell the community about Prop. 36, thanks to Gretchen Burns Bergman, the co-founder and executive director of A New PATH (

San Diego Prop. 36 Alumni will be working on a cross-discipline, cross-institutional collaboration with students from San Diego City College’s philosophy and art & design departments. The project is staged and directed by Andrea Singer, a professor of design at SDCC.

This semester her students will be gathering oral histories from Prop. 36 grads here in the San Diego area. Her students will interview 16 alumni one-on-one 2 to 3 times, in order to build a relationship.

Professor Singer and her class will take our histories and stories and reflect them in a final art project. The individual projects will take the form of art books, CD's and other multimedia. The final project will be exhibited at UCSD with Professor Singer, her students and ourselves.

I’m very proud to be part of this project and work with such a fine group of young men and women.

All Prop. 36 alumni are where we are today—clean, sober, and back into society—because treatment instead of incarceration works!

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Grads Reaching Out to Young Artists
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