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Prop 36 has been helping people enter treatment and improve—and even save—their own lives since July 2001. Since then, over 60,000 Californians have completed drug treatment and had a good chance at recovery.

These are the stories of some of those people. If you would like to include your story, let us know by clicking on the "Submit Your Story" link above.

Marilyn L.

I am a 54-year-old women now, and I wish Prop 36 would have happened in the 60's. I started using drugs in 1966 and used herion for 38 years of my life. I was a thief for 26 of those years. I went to Youth Authority seven times, Federal Prison three times and State Prison nine times.

I was headed back to prison with seven years in 2001, before Prop 36 was to go in to effect, I believe, in July. Well, I sat in jail until July and, even though the judge did not want to give it to me, I qualified for Prop. 36 and he had to give it to me under the law.

So that was my second chance at life and I took that opportunity and ran with it. I went into a residential program and graduated. From there, I went to school for Human Services and worked in that same program as a weekend manager. When I left that program four years later, I left as their Assistant to the Director with a Certificate in Human Services and Chemical Dependency as well as my CAADE certification.

Now I am a Prop 36 counselor and I owe it all God and Prop 36. I now know there is life without drugs that is something I never imagined.

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